Monday, May 30, 2005

Ansar al-Sunna

Rot in hell, you bastards.

No, not our boys. These boys. This morning, a very, very early morning, the Fighting Aces were kicking in doors with the IA and raiding houses. Our target was a cell of Ansar al-Sunna operating in my Nahiya. I was pretty nervous about this one, given the targets and their location. The town that they were in is a maze of family blocks, narrows streets and alleys, and only has one way in or out. Potentially, it could have become a hornet’s nest, with us surrounded and bad guys running amok. Luckily, the town is supportive of the ISF and Coalition Forces. The town’s Sheikh is a really good guy, and his son led the raid on one of the objectives.

We hit three objectives, the first two simultaneously. They did not resist. In the cell leader’s house, we found various documents, but the most interesting thing was some Korean coins. Now where in the hell would your average Iraqi find those? Probably from the pockets of their prisoners. I can’t verify that (yet) but it seems the logical choice. Perhaps given as a trophy from one cell to another.

I don’t know if these are the guys responsible for the kidnappings. I don’t really care. These guys are terrorists. They are untermensch. Yes, I know the connotation that gives them (and me, I suppose, for using it.) If it was up to me, I would hunt them down, kill them, their families, associates, and friends. Punishment for terrorists should be old-testament angry-god style.

Now my (already terrible) sleep patterns are all messed up.

Score one for the good guys.

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Lisa said...

Damn right score one for the good guys.

Stay safe.