Sunday, May 29, 2005

Feeling the power of the Dark Side

I saw Sith last night. It was commander’s movie night, where all the company commanders and first sergeants gather for some forced family fun and siddown, shuddup, and watch a movie. Sith hit the LN shop on the FOB about 2 days after it was released in theaters. (Splain to me again, Lucy, how the intraweb is to blame for this? Almost nobody here has broadband access, yet DVD copies of the movie appear within 48 ours of its release?) I think we paid five bucks for the movie. Anyway, I figured it out halfway through. Anakin becomes Vader because for all that seeing into the future stuff, not one Jedi could see that Palpatine was a sith lord and Anakin was a dupe. Unfortunately, it will take three more movies for Vader to figure it out.

Actually, I believe it’s a Boy named Sue complex that caused all this. Even his wife calls him Annie. She may well have called him Nancy or Sally. Add the long hair, predilection for black leather, and he was a pair of assless chaps away from hanging out at the blue oyster on dress-like-a-bad-cop Thursdays. Anakin felt he had to overcome his overt homosexuality.

One last thing. Didja notice that the Deathstar was under construction at the same time Vader was healed? It was only “fully Operational” by they time Luke was grown and episode IV started. Who was building this thing, friggin teamsters and the UAW?

But an enjoyable flick, nonetheless. I still don’t understand why everyone is so hyped up about the muppet lightsaber duels. Ever notice that Yoda sounds A LOT like Grover?



Red said...

Classic! Keep your head down.

Nascar3 said...


Yes, I think that correct you are!

Thanks for serving!

Anonymous said...

rolling on the floor laughing my ass of blowing pop out my nose