Thursday, June 16, 2005

And he's a Preacher???

I am here to defend people’s rights to do this.

And to defend people’s rights to keep and bear arms.

And the right to be tried by a jury of their peers.

And to accept the verdict of not guilty by reason of (Temporary) insanity.

I’m not advocating murder. But everyone goes a little crazy once in a while. And If he showed up at my funeral, I know several friends who would gladly exercise their freedom of expression with ½ oz. of lead.

I honestly can’t say what I would do if this guy came to a funeral I was attending. But I really think I’d take the flag off of the casket, tie it around his neck and hang him by it from a light pole.

Some people don’t deserve their rights. Some people make excellent cases for post-partum abortion.


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