Friday, June 17, 2005

From The Mrs...

Disclaimer: I do not write as well as Chuck, so please continue to read his blog daily, as this will probably be my only personal post. Thanks.

After reading Chuck’s blog on a daily basis, reading all of the comments by others, and even adding my own two cents to posts… I thought it was high time I post something from the home front.

Now as I sit here, I am at a loss for words (this never happens, just ask Chuck)! I guess what I want to say first is Thank You. First and foremost, to Chuck and all of the men and women in our Armed Forces: Words can simply not express the feelings I have about all of these brave and honorable men and women, so I won’t try to say them.

Second, I would like to thank all of you who read and respond to Chuck’s blog. I absolutely LOVE to read what my husband writes… he is such an awesome writer and can make me laugh and cry all in the same post! But I also love to read the comments you all make, especially because you are so supportive of Chuck and his brothers (and sisters) in arms.

I was once a soldier, although never deployed. I was medically discharged from the Army in 1999, after serving a mere 17 months on active duty. I injured my back and did NOT want to get out! But then two months later, God told me why I was out of the Army… I was pregnant with our son Creighton and I could not imagine having to ever leave him on a deployment.

Now we have a daughter as well, Adelle, I cherish the fact that I do not have to leave my kids… although a piece of me would give anything to wear the uniform and serve my country again. This is Chuck’s third deployment in the 8 years we have been married. The other two were only 6 months and the current one is 12-18 months. On June 20th, we will reach the 5 month mark. See, in the past I would be mentally preparing for Chuck to come home in the next month… but now I don’t really think about when he will come home (because we have no idea for sure and won’t for some time), I just pray that God protects him and that when he does come home, all body parts are attached and he is still breathing.

So when was the last time Chuck and I had a phone conversation? May 9th (our anniversary). He called me and we chatted for about 20 minutes. In his defense, he did call and leave a message on the machine last week and we once attempted to talk over the internet (bad connection, go figure). We also e-mail often. Although it has been quite some time since I got a phone call, I am okay with that. I don’t sit around my house waiting by the phone or the computer (like MANY spouses do). I know my husband is okay. How do I know this if I don’t hear from him? Because I did not receive a phone call from our Rear Detachment telling me he was injured (minor injuries), and no one has showed up on my doorstep to tell me he was killed. For that, I thank God.

Many people ask me, “How do you do it?” I won’t tell you about the many “hats” I wear on a daily basis. I will tell you that I had to make a choice about how I would handle this deployment: 1) Be miserable, make all of those around me miserable, and suffer for the next 12-18 months or 2) Deal with it the best way I possibly can. So I chose number two. I have good days, bad days, and really shitty days, but I am okay with that. It’s called LIFE!!! Fortunately I have my family and friends who give me their unending support. Without them, I would definitely be miserable.

Okay, I think I’m done now. Please continue to support our Armed Forces… without them; we would be fighting in our own back yards!

To Chuck: I love you, I miss you, I support you, and I can NOT wait to see you!!!

P.S. In case you all haven’t realized, Chuck is a brilliant man with a lot to say. Sorry ladies, he’s taken!

God’s Speed.


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