Friday, June 17, 2005

The poor prisoners at GITMO

The prisoners at GITMO. How dare they treat them that way. A few facts, to put it into perspective.

I don't have a toilet in my room. Last month we opened up our first set of real porcelain, and then promptly ran out of water.

I don't have a sink, either.

My bed is constructed of plywood and 2x4s. I built it.

I have a dirt floor.

I get three meals a day, sometimes they are edible. (And I am NOT a picky eater)

I shit in a plastic box. It's called a portajon. I have to walk about 50 feet from the door to get to one (and that's really fun when it means you have to get completely dressed to go piss in the middle of the night.)

I don't have a play area for soccer, we don't have any grass here. We have a spartan gym and our library is donated paperbacks. Taxpayers paid for that too, but they paid out of pocket, because they wanted to. They sent us their books.

Sometimes the AC works, and sometimes not. When it breaks, it can take days to fix. You deal with it.

The tank gets up to about 140 degrees in the heat, the trucks do too, unless the AC is on, then they hover around 90. (No AC in the tank) And you'd better not put the windows down (srapnel has a funny way of coming in through open windows.

Senator Durbin is a retard. If you live in illinois, petition whoever it is you petition and demand a no-confidence vote. I'll bet it's on the books somewhere that the citizenry don't HAVE to wait until the election year.

Fire him. And threaten to lather, rinse, and repeat for any other politicians who pull stunts like this.


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