Friday, June 24, 2005

Quick Update... have to pack!

Hello Folks!

I am packing up and headed out the door tomorrow morning for Walter Reed. Chuck made it there safely this evening (Thursday). I will get there tomorrow evening, and his mother will get there tomorrow afternoon.

I have not talked to him since last night, but I understand that he is still doing just fine and there were no problems on the long flight from Germany.

I know many of you in the DC area want to visit Chuck, and I appreciate that w/ all of my heart. We do not know how long he will be there. I ask that no one visit him until I can give you all an update on how long we might be. I also ask this because Chuck will see his mom first tomorrow, which is cool, and then he will see me, his better half! I want him to see his family before anyone else. I hope you all can understand that.

I will keep you updated as much as possible. Either through someone else posting for me, or I may be able to post myself. If you go to, you will be updated on that blog as well.

I appreciate all you have done! I have printed out MANY of the responses you all have written so Chuck can see them right away.

Take care and god Bless!

Until next time,

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