Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Update as of 28 June

Thank you all, again for your kind words, encouragement, support, etc. I tell Chuck daily that all of you are out there and I think he really "feels" the power of the prayers. I know I do! In the next few days you may "hear" from Chuck. Tonight he asked me if he could dictate something to post to all of you. I told him I would when he was ready.

He had surgery yesterday (Monday). They cleaned out all of his wounds and the surgeons said he is healing well. He has surgery again tomorrow (Wed.), and then possibly again on Saturday. They could start skin grafting as early as next Tuesday. They have to clean his wounds every 48-72 hours, and it is easier (and less painful for him) if they knock him out and take him to the OR. He has had some really great nurses caring for him the last few days, and I thank them all the time! He has a number of doctors/surgeons that I have met and they are all amazing. He is in great hands!

He needs alot of grafting: his left arm, right leg, right thumb, and a few other places on his body. He can move pretty well, considering all of his injuries. He can move his legs and has good movement of his shoulders and head. I give him lots of kisses and spend a lot of time just playing with his hair and touching his face.

There have been a number of other wounded soldiers coming in and out of Chuck's ward. I don't know their names, but there are many other soldiers out here who could use your prayers. Although Chuck is injured badly, I have seen others who are much worse... and I am truly grateful to God for protecting my husband, as well as CPT Spencer.

For those who wish to support the Fighting Aces, please go to www.twobabesandabrain.com. Lisa and Chris have been AMAZING in supporting the Aces, even before Chuck's injury. They have a paypal account that will allow you to donate money to help purchase things for Chuck's men. Speaking of his men, Chuck is so worried about them. I called our Rear D Commander today to make sure the Aces were all okay, and they are.

As far as ordering t-shirts, or "Aces Gear" as Chuck posted, you can still order the shirts. I am going to extend the time to the end of July. If we have enough orders to order before that, we may do so, and then place another order later in July. So if you want to order Fighting Aces t-shirts, search through Chuck's blog for the title "Get your Fighting Aces Gear Here." The mailing address and prices, etc. are in that post. Please do not send anything but t-shirt orders to that address!!! If you want to send stuff to Chuck's men in Iraq, you can mail it to his XO or one of his PLs:

CPT Jason Spencer
C. Co. 2-34 AR, 3BCT
FOB Gabe
APO AE 09397

or LT Jim Meeks (same address)

These guys will make sure all of the Aces get what you send them. They are amazing leaders and care about the men just as much as Chuck does.

I have babbled enough for now. Alice and I took a good nap today, so don't worry about us. We are doing our best to take care of ourselves and we have some great people here who are helping us do that.

BTW, did any of you here anything on CNN about Chuck and his blog? Alice (Chuck's mom) got an e-mail from a friend that Chuck's name and something about his blog was on CNN on Monday. If you have any info on that, could you let me know in the comments section? Thanks.

Take care and God Bless!

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