Sunday, June 05, 2005


I think the problem was on google’s end, but who knows. I got mail today from the Mrs., and some from Ya’ll, so I suppose it’s working again.

Comics on duty came to the FOB last night. It was our first (and probably only) USO show. (You see, there’s only about 1000 soldiers on my FOB, so we don’t rate the big names.) Still, they were really funny.

I never understood how my dad could fall asleep in the movies or at a show. Last night I was laughing my ass off one second and falling asleep the next. Now I get it.

My XO received a care package yesterday from the McCrea family in San Diego. If you know them, tell them thank you (I’ll be sending them a note directly) It was a box of “hugs.” They’re these polymer filled head/neck bands that absorb water and retain temps. (Just go here—it’ll take me a year to explain it.)


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