Friday, July 01, 2005

Chuck speaks!!!

Chuck wanted me to share a few things with you all. I told him how much you all miss hearing from him, so here are a few things he wanted to say:

"Great, now I'm surrounded by a bunch of Virginians!"

Current mood music: "Half the man I used to be" by Madonna (he'll have to explain further when he gets a chance)

Notes to self:
1. "July is never a good time to visit DC - very humid."
2. "When falling off a canal river bridge wearing body armor, it is never smart to fall in head first."

One more quote:
"You can talk about our President, his politics, and his family, but you can never talk about his character. I met him face-to-face today and I will protect him as well as I protect my own."

End quotes for the time being.

Yes, we met President Bush today. He is an AMAZING man! As human as we all are... and genuinely cares about the American people. I will not go into detail about what we talked about, that will be up to Chuck. Let's just say it was a day we will never forget. If you do not support Bush, that is your choice... please do not post your opinions (if they are negative) on this blog. I do not want a political debate. My husband met his Commander in Chief - and the honor was all ours.

Chuck is doing well. He will have his wounds cleaned again tomorrow and they are still hoping to start some skin grafting on Tuesday. He is chompin at the bit to post again... his time will come soon enough. Until then, you are stuck w/ me posting random things (too bad... you'll have to deal w/ it a while longer! ha ha).

Again, we thank you all for everything. Please make sure you read the post below... it was written by a friend of ours and he has some profound things to say.

Until next time,

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