Friday, July 01, 2005

A message from our good friend Joe

Our friend Joe asked me to post this on Chuck's blog. Please take a few moments to read what he has to say. He is one of our best friends from college and we love him dearly! He has some profound words... Thanks, Joe!

Today was an interesting day.
Today I did something I had hoped that I would never have to do. Visit a Friend in the hospital.
My name is Joe Eveges. I went to college with Chuck and through ROTC at Indiana Univ. of PA. As you can imagine, I have some dirt on him and he probably has more on me, but just barely.
Today another old friend and I made the trip down to Walter Reed to visit and cheer him up. As far as an update on his condition, he’s doing as well as can be expected. He is battered but far from broke. His spirit is up and true to form, he was making smart ass remarks and cracking jokes. The morphine seems to have increased his drooling though, but he’s always done that after a beer or two, so I hardly noticed.

The reason I asked Carren to post this though, is not so that I can make jokes or give an update on his condition.
Today I got a slap in the face.
Today I saw my friend in a hospital bed in pain.
Today as we drove around Walter Reed I saw men on crutches, mending wounds.
Today I saw men who were missing an arm or a leg or both.
Today I saw a portion of what it costs others, so that I and people like me, can sit in my comfy chair and bitch about the price of gas. So that I don’t have to worry about explosions in my back yard or if the car behind me is full of C4.

Today I saw that they are doing their part and more.

We owe our soldiers our support so that they can win the victory.
There is nothing that I can do or say that can thank my friend and all our soldiers for what they have done for us. Unless you have been there, and I have not, we have no inclination of what these soldiers have given in sacrifice, terror and blood.

But what can I do?
I challenge everyone who reads this, DO SOMETHING!!
Send the care packages, do the “any solider” program, adopt a unit, something.
Fly the colors, welcome soldiers home, voice your support, give your time, anything.
This weekend is Independence Day and for most of us reading this blog, it means a cookout, fireworks and maybe a parade. Shake that veteran’s hand that is walking in the parade, buy him a cup of coffee, JUST SAY THANKS! Shame on everyone of us who just walks by that guy in uniform in the airport without saying something to him or says “I’m to busy to get a package together”. BULL! They are doing their duty, you do yours!
Today I saw the effects of war and the toll for our freedom.
Tomorrow I will start to do what I can to repay those who purchased my security.
Will you?

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