Sunday, July 03, 2005

A Quiet Day

Hello to all of you! As always, I thank you for keeping us in your prayers. The prayers are working, I promise!

I say today was quiet because Chuck finally slept most of the day. Yesterday was rough... he was in a lot of pain all day and Alice and I spent 8 hours straight at the hospital. It's not the fault of the nurses or doctors... they have tried numerous things to help manage Chuck's pain. Chuck just burns through pain meds so quickly and it is hard to find a balance. Fortuntaley, today he had a balance in pain meds and got some badly needed sleep. He still has his sense of humor and we joke around every now and then. I know he wants to blog so badly, and he will soon enough. In the mean time, he knows you all are out there praying for him and it really means a lot to all of us involved.

Walter Reed is a very humbling place. I have met many incredible Americans here - soldiers, marines, and their families. Yes, Chuck was injured badly and I would never say that his injuries are "no big deal." BUT, when I see a soldier or marine w/ no arms or legs, or sometimes is missing both legs and one arm (no, I am not kidding), I take a step back and realize just how grateful I am that Chuck still has his arms and legs. I can not compare myself to any other family member and what they may be going through with their loved one. The hardest thing about all of this is seeing my husband in pain and there isn't anything I can do to take that pain away. THAT is hard. Alice and I do everything we can for him. We wash his face, clean his ears, adjust his arms and legs (quite often), feed him, give him drinks, etc. It's all the "little things" that we take for granted every day. I never thought I would have to do these things for my husband. I can't even compare it to raising my kids because it just isn't the same. But I will say this - I wouldn't leave his side for the world. I miss my kids terribly, and so does Chuck. But I know my kids are in good hands and I thank God every day for my family and friends and the support they give Chuck, me and our children.

I don't know where the soap box came from. I guess I finally had a chance to sit and think today while I watched Chuck sleep. Alice and I also got a chance to go out and eat with some wonderful people. Thank you Martina, Kim, and Veronica for giving us your time today. Alice and I feel refreshed and the strength of these three ladies helped us relax our minds and put life back into perspective. And if it wasn't for Veronica's "On-Star type" travel guide in her car, we would still be driving around DC!!! :)

Overall, Chuck is doing well. The surgeons say his wounds are healing nicely and they are still hoping to start skin grafting on Tuesday. Until then, please pray that Chuck and all of the injured service members have a chance to escape their pain and sleep for a while. It is so peaceful to see Chuck sleep, knowing he does not feel any pain.

By the way, does anyone know of a good shopping mall in the NEAR vicinity of Walter Reed?

I am off to bed. Take care, God Bless, and Thank You all!


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