Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Update 06 July

Hello! As I always say, I thank you all for your unending prayers and support. The comments you all make mean so much to me. They really do. The words of encouragement and your sincere gratitude for my husband, myself, and all of our Armed Forces and their families is truly appreciated.

Chuck did not have any skin grafting done on Tuesday. The surgeons wanted to see if any of his wounds would heal some more so there would be less grafting. And they are healing well... His right leg now has two "smaller" wounds instead of one large one. The surgeons were able to stitch some of the skin on his leg, so now the wound is not as big. His left leg will not need any gratfing, and he has two wounds on that leg that are stitched up. His left bicep and forearm need grafted, as well as the two wounds on his right leg. The surgeons will be grafting his left arm and right leg on Friday. They can not graft his right thumb yet b/c he has an infection. He has been on antibiotics since he was wounded, but the infection in his right thumb just won't go away. They are hoping to graft his thumb next week. We shall see...

The wounds on Chuck's face are healing really well and they are almost completely gone. Alice and I have been picking little stones and pieces of "who knows what" out of Chuck's face. He actually doesn't mind, not that he can really hit us or anything if it hurts (just kidding). The shrapnel has managed to get under his skin in his face, but the pieces slowly surface and we pick out what we can. I think Alice and I could be nurses after all is said and done! I am so NOT a medical person in any way. I can handle helping people w/ emotional issues (hence the fact that I am working on my MSW), but the physical wounds are a whole new ball game. It was really difficult at first, especially b/c it is my husband, but it is getting easier and Chuck actually appreciates the fact that I pick at his face! :)

Alice suggested I mention that Chuck has received a total of 9 units of blood since he has been here. She wants me to ask you to donate blood, if you can. Especially if you live near Walter Reed. There are many soldiers here, and many more to come. So if you think about it, please call your local Red Cross and donate blood, no matter where you live. Someone out there could use it and you could save a life! PLUS, Alice mentioned the fact that if you donate blood you'll get free snacks and drinks. Kinda like the Oil For Food Program (wink wink).

On a more somber note, Chuck's battalion suffered a KIA recently. The soldier was in HHC, not Chuck's company. Please pray for this soldier's family and the soldiers of 2-34 AR as they mourn the loss of a Brother in Arms. There is also a soldier from HHC (2-34 AR) who will soon be coming to Walter Reed. Please pray for him and his family as well.

Alice and I have been taking care of ourselves, for those who may think we are wearing thin. We went to a mall yesterday (thanks to those of you who gave us info on shopping malls). I also slept in this morning... Alice keeps teasing me about it. I was sleepy!!! And she went back to bed too, so I didn't see any reason why I had to get up! If you all could be flies on the wall you would never think she was my mother-in-law (for those who think the words "in-laws" are "bad words"). We are very close and have a lot of fun together. If you ever wonder where Chuck got his sense of humor, all you need to do is meet Alice and you'll understand. Just ask Chuck about the practical jokes Alice used to play on him when he was growing up...

I'm done babbling for now. Again, I thank you all. Please continue to read and comment on the blog so Chuck can look back and read all of your words of support and encouragement.

Take care and God Bless!
Carren and Alice

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