Saturday, July 16, 2005

Update 16 July

Chuck has made many great strides this week. Wednesday he sat on the edge of his bed and stood up, briefly, but he was able to finally stand on his own two feet. Thursday he got out of bed (with assistance) and sat in a recliner chair that PT brought into his room. He said he sat there for a few hours. He was so excited to finally be out of bed! Friday he walked across his room, unassisted, but w/ a PT close by... and Alice and I were probably too close, but we were being very protective! Then today, Saturday, he walked down the hall!!! He walked unassisted, but had the PT close behind. He even got to open a door in the hallway and breathe in some fresh air. It was so wonderful to see the smile on his face and watch him walk. He moves very slowly, of course, but he is able to support himself on his own two legs. I could see it in his face... how good it felt not just to stand up, but to walk w/o anyone holding on to him. The last four days have been amazing.

Chuck has also been "back to his old self." We bicker and argue like we used to... and it's fun! I think the nurses wonder what kind of marriage we have b/c we are always cutting at each other, but that's just how we are and I have missed that so much ever since he deployed. It just wasn't the same when we tried to "bicker" via e-mail. There is never a dull moment when he is awake!

We still have a lot of "unkowns" about the near future. Still don't know when he will have leave, and whether we will stay here or try to go home. We both miss out kids terribly and this has been really hard to be away from them. I talk to them just about every day, and Chuck talks to them a few times a week. My sister and her husband are taking care of our kids for us. God love them! They now have FOUR kids to take care of - including their own twins boys who will be five in September. So now I must ask, rather late, for you all to pray for Becca and Ben while they manage three preschoolers and a toddler. And let me tell ya, the stories Becca tells me are so funny! I wish so badly to be there w/ all of them. Becca and Ben are two amazing people and they are taking great care of our kids. I think Chuck and I will have to fund their next vacation when our kids can finally come home to us again! And I guess I should watch their kids too... maybe :)

Alice has a challenge for all of you. She wants to see how full we can get the PO box for Chuck. So if you have the time, please send him as many jokes as you can. If you read his blog you know his sense of humor (and nothing offends him, unless it's personal about this family). Alice suggested sending "a joke a day." We have already received many cards and Chuck read all of them. He loves to get mail! The cards he has recieved that have a joke makes him just laugh out loud. Alice and I love to listen to him laugh and see how much he enjoys reading the silly cards. (NOTE: If you sent Chuck a sentimental type care, don't think he didn't appreciate it... he likes to know that so many people out there are praying for him). Soldiers who are deployed thrive on mail from home, and I know Chuck thrives on mail and e-mails and stuff from all of you wonderful people. So if you think about it, find a joke and throw it in the mail. Just for fun!

Okay, I'm tired now. Thank you all for checking the blog and sending cards. Keep them coming b/c we will be here for an unknown period of time..

Take care and God Bless!
Carren and Alice (and Chuck)

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