Saturday, August 06, 2005

Something that I think you should read...

Okay folks, everybody that comes and reads this blog needs to jump over to Holly Aho’s site and read her blog. You can find it here. Or you can find it if you go to the right side of the page and click on Holly Aho, Soldier's Angel. This is not an attempt to get you to do anything other than read. Well, yes it is. What I really want you to do is read what she's written. Her most recent post is about me. I don't care if you read that one or not. Read the rest of her blog. Comment on her entries. She has done so much for the causes that I'm sure everyone who reads this blog cares about. And she is smart, she is funny. She is creative, more creative than I, that's for sure. But she gets very little traffic to her blog. I'm not really sure why that is; maybe most people don't know about her. I'm trying to fix that. I don't know if that will work; I don't think I have the ability to force people to go anywhere on the Internet they don't want to. I really, really think that people would be better off if they went and read what she has to say. Once I get the chance to edit my web site, (That is, play around with the sidebars and such). I'm going to list her at the very top of people I read every day.

I know it's a short post, and I know it's a nagging post, but I really wanted to get my early-morning readers over to her site.

Thanks a bunch, and I really think you'll be better off reading what she has to say.


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