Monday, September 12, 2005


I'm trying to figure out how to use my pocket PC as a voice recorder that works with the NaturallySpeaking software. Right now, consternation and frustration are what I'm running into. I'll figure it out.

Coming soon: What I think about the Hurricaine Katrina problems--including a way to ensure it never happens again, the relief efforts, and why it is all the prersident's fault... FDR, that is.

I get better (at least better looking) every day believe it or not, I am using my right AND left hands to type this. (The left hand is mostly my index finger, which I still can't feel, my thumb, and my ring finger,m to hit the shift key). It supprised me too... I can type almost 40 words per minute this way (my rough estimate), a lomg way from the former 180 wpm, and I may wear out the backspace key, but I am doing it!

I guess miracles never cease after all.


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