Monday, September 19, 2005

Darwin is alive and well in New Orleans

Okay, let me get this straight. The mayor of New Orleans is telling people what it's OK to come back and start reoccupying the city. A Coast Guard general who is assigned to “fix” the situation in New Orleans is telling people that is not yet safe and that if another big storm comes their asses will be in a lot of hot water, or at least they'll be up to their asses in water.
So, the same mayor that didn't bother to tell people to evacuate last time until it was too late, the same mayor that was on the news crying and praying and begging for help, the same mayor that pretty much everybody except for a federal grand jury has said is culpable (at least partly) is telling everyone that it's OK to come back.
Meanwhile, the Coast Guard, known throughout the world for their search and rescue capabilities, says that it's probably not a good idea yet. As a matter of fact, it's a bad idea.
The greatest freedom that we have is our freedom to choose and do what we want in this country (within the law). Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who returns to reoccupy New Orleans at this time should have their names and addresses taken down. Those names and addresses should be put on the map of every single Coast Guard pilot. It should also go into all 911 operator’s logs, EMT dispatch offices, and any other rescue or aid organization. Sort of like a reversed “do not call” list. Then, if these people run into any kind of trouble or need any kind of assistance, we can turn a blind eye on them and pretend like they don't exist. The same people that would return to the city now are the same ones that were dumb enough to vote this mayor into office in the first place. Certainly, they should be allowed to return. And when they find themselves ass deep in trouble, they'll realize just how stupid they were. They'll also realize just how unforgiving mother nature is, as she pours her own version of Clorox into the gene pool. The New Orleans mayor is little more than a snake oil salesman, and anyone who trusts him deserves what they get.
Sure it sounds harsh, but Darwin had very little room for sympathy. God gave us the freedom to choose, but he also gave us the "freedom" to pay the consequences of our decisions. It's sort of like running into a burning building before the fire is put out; just because the landlord says it's OK; the guy standing there with the fire hose spraying water on everything might give you the idea that the landlord is probably nuts. I just have to ask, where exactly does the mayor sleep at night? I have a funny feeling it's not in a refugee shelter.


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