Friday, September 23, 2005

Job was tested less than this...

I sometimes wonder if God is testing me. After all, I had to come all the way back to Washington, DC after spending three glorious weeks at home with my children and wife. Luckily, I was able to make the appointments in DC for a short period of time, which included this weekend. Carren I decided that we were going to spend Saturday, the 24th, walking through the Mall in our nation's capital, visiting some of the memorials and museums that we haven't been to yet. I was especially interested in going to the IMAX theater at the Air and Space Museum. As a matter of fact, other than a brief tour of the White House and an unforgettable visit to the Pentagon that we took last time we were in DC (for those you haven't been paying attention that was three weeks ago) we really didn't get to tour DC at all. I'm watching the news this morning and all the DC stations were buzzing about a big war protest. Apparently over 100,000 people are going to be in the Mall on Saturday; and they're all going to be protesting the war. There's going to be a special booth for Cindy Sheehan, and they've even put up a mock-Cemetery, made up of crosses for the soldiers that have died in Iraq. (Doesn't anybody remember that we've actually got soldiers in Afghanistan and a getting shot at and wounded daily?) Also, there's actually a real cemetery just across the river in a place called Arlington... of course none of these assholes know where that is because they probably never been there to visit the grave of one of their loved ones who gave their last full measure to this nation. And please, don't anybody tell me how brave it is for them to speak their minds in unpopular way, or that they speak for those who no longer can, or that they just want to end this war and bring all are soldiers home right now. Bringing all of our soldiers home right now for Iraq or Afghanistan would absolutely betray what those men and women fought for. Those countries would Destabilize and their governments would fall apart faster than you can say Al Qaeda. (How come this program recognizes Al Qaeda, but doesn't recognize asshats when I say it?) Anyway if we left those countries, the amount of anger and hatred it would leave for Americans (his especially in the hearts and minds of those who supported us) would result in more 9/11-style attacks, desperate men on desperate missions to destroy America. That is all these protesters can hope to achieve if their desires to leave Iraq and Afghanistan right now are met.

Now, there are going to be some anti-protester protesters, most notably from ProtestWarrior. They will be meeting up the Navy building, and marching to meet up with the protesters. I think at the Washington Monument. If I've gotten the details of this wrong, please, someone send me an e-mail and let me know and I'll fix it in the post.

Here is, coat-making day, baby seals everywhere, and I don't have my bat. I thought God was testing me with the whole getting blown up and spending three months in the hospital, with more tubes coming in and going out my body and I have fingers. I thought maybe he was testing me by taking away various parts of my anatomy, and leaving others crippled with only a distant hope of regaining strength and feeling. Or maybe he was testing me with 13 surgeries (and at least two more ago), skin grafts, and constant pain. But no, apparently he is testing me, by putting me in such a target rich environment without any means to bat them with my clue bat. Super. Getting blown up apparently was just a means to an end, and here I stand unprepared.

Thankfully, the news (at least to the local news) is doing a really good job of putting people on the TV to "speak for" the protesters. Most of them look like they just walked out of an AA meeting after falling off the wagon and going on a three-day bender on skid Row. I think that the local media here is either intentionally, or unintentionally (perhaps subconsciously) already trying to discredit the protesters. That made me happy. I wonder if Hertz will rent me a Hummer with a extra-large hippie-squishing bumper on it.

Hopefully, I'll at leastget to go shake hands with some of the folks who have been anti-protesting the asshats who stand outside Walter Reed in protest against the war.


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