Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Open responses to comments 'bout the Katrina post

Some corrections and responses:

Foreign Allies are helping. Much thanks goes out to them. I did not do enough research, and in that I am mistaken.

Anonymous: I’d like to know how to get a bus to float in the water it'd be a pretty bitchin’ ride…you can take it right from the highway down the boat dock and straight in the water and go cruising. You could take you and 44 of your best friends fishing!

Tom: our founding fathers were smart enough to realize when they established our federal government that it was bound to be flawed. So they gave us the ability to change it as we saw fit; or when we realized that our government was broken. Imagine that... 229 years ago a bunch of businessmen and farmers understood that the federal government was probably going to be inept. Why do people still rely and depend on the federal government for help in emergencies? The way I kind of see it, the federal government is there to keep things running before and after emergencies. Gravatar They do try to help out during the emergency, but there comes a time when it is an individual responsibility to care for ourselves and those we love. And since when is there a courtesy zone?

Lil Toni: if you're educated, It's actually pronounced nouveau or-Lee-on (if you're French, and it was named by the French). By birth, I do happen to be a Yankee (and also by the grace of God). The the war is over--get over it. But we won, y'all lost. It may be your beloved hometown; a lot of people call the area right outside the garbage dumps in Ciudad de Juarez, Mexico their hometown, it still doesn't make sense to live there. Having moved around most of my life (every three to four years, and sometimes more, sometimes less) home is where you make it. Didn't you ever watch Joe Dirt? That's what the weird Cajun told the hero in that movie.

When I made my remark about it being named after a French king, I was referring to the name “Louisiana” not New Orleans. Thanks for making me smart about who New Orleans was named after; I'll file that under worthless information about the French. Of course, both are better named than Baton Rouge.

It is a major port city. We have lots of ports. Maybe we could just build up Galveston a little bit better. They are already set up for the petroleum industry.

New Orleans is also rich in history, known for good food, good music, and is our state's top visitor destination.” (I'm sure all the*stars*on the girls gone wild videos are really there to admire the rich history, jazz and crawfish… just like the herds of drunken teenagers that swarm around with disposable cameras.) Everywhere is rich in history... just depends on which era you're looking at.

Howard Dean: first I'd like to say how much of an honor it is that you would actually come and read my web site. I never said that I did have a knowledge of the history of the city. What I do have a knowledge of is how to read a map and see that the city rests at the bottom of a big ass river that dumps into the Gulf of Mexico. As far as living in Kansas goes, it is flat (that's kind of why most of the state is called a prairie), it is barren, it is devoid of culture (I'm not the cultural commissar of Kansas, but I did go to the Kansas City (Kansas) Renaissance fair, and was amazed by how much Kansas had in common with England in the mid-15th and 16th century.) And we have lots of tornadoes... but I don't have a trailer home, do I? My house does have a basement. It also happens to be made out of stone at the base of a large hill and actually set in a spur. It was built by the army in the early 20th century, back when we used engineer soldiers (not contractors to do our construction), and so it has stood for about a hundred years or so through all of the tornadoes have come this way without a scratch. Methinks if I lived in New Orleans, I'd have put pontoons in the basement.

Howard, I hate having to explain things to people who couldn't even get a job as a civil servant. It keeps me from explaining how FDR was responsible for this whole mess.

-- Chuck

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