Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Adopt a Cripple

During this holiday season, remember those less fortunate--I don't mean by patting your pockets as you resist your secret urge to strangle the overly-cheerful red bucket brigade of bell-ringers outside Wal-Mart No, assuage your guilt, clear your conscience, make sure you don't get a stocking full of coal and reindeer turds-- help a soldier who was not only wounded, but severely disabled fighting for your freedom, against those who deny that Jesus Christ was even divine.

That puts it very bluntly during this Christ-Mass. Sure it was a pagan holiday that Constantine married up to on the 25th of December. Who Cares? Mustafa Kareem Ali-Jababwah, that's who. If he had his way, every infidel--that's you--would die tomorrow if he could get enough bomb materials.

And, that's how most of these kids have been hurt. Improvised Explosive Devices--IEDs have definitely caused their fair share of destruction within our ranks. These bombs weren't placed by Jews, Buddhists, Wiccans, Presbyterians, or any other non-Christian religious group. The IEDs have been placed by Muslim terrorists. You know, the religion of peace?

Sorry. I'm spinning wildly off-topic. Forgive me, too much eggnog. Heh. The point I am trying to get you all excited about in this season of Saturday Evening Post Norman Rockwellian bliss is here.
Or, you can directly Adopt a cripple through Soldier's Angels.

That's right woodchuck chuckers, I said cripple. Forget all that "Differently Abled" bullshit. For those who don't eat dictionaries...
Cripple: (v) deprive of the use of a limb.. (v) deprive of strength or efficiency
and my favorite:
Having most of the cards that other players would need in order to win

So, if injuries inflicted on you deprived you of the use of a limb, deprived you of strength or efficiency, or left you without a full deck, guess what gimpy... you're a cripple. Now there's lots of folks out there who just love to say things like "You're only crippled/handicapped/gimpy if you think you are ." These are usually with complete and total function of their entire bodies. I imagine that deep down, they believe that parapalegics are secretly just really lazy, and with the right motivation and positive thoughts, the could just get up and walk.

I post a LOT of this
vituperation in jest, except the part about muslims wanting to kill you, and soldiers who desparately need your help to get the equipment they need to be a little less crippled. I submit to you that the freedom that blogging, email, and general internet use provided me was second only to driving in allowing me to feel truly independent again. For a pittance, you can give a gift to an injured soldier that will give him him a fraction of the daily autonomy you enjoy, and return to him that which he so readily sacrificed on the altar of freedom... for you.

You may not support this war, or the other various expeditions of our government aroubd the globe, and quite frankly, I don't care. This fact remains: they can fight us here or they can fight us "over there," where would you rther the IEDs, Fire Fights, kidnappings, and murders take place?

Thank a Vet, and help a wounded vet.

And a
felicitous Kwanzaa to Ya'll.



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