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More on Iran

The Iranian President continues to deny the truth, see logic, etc.
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TEHRAN (Reuters) - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday said Iran would not halt its drive to produce its own nuclear fuel because it did not trust the West to guarantee a supply to feed its planned atomic power reactors.

Speaking in Mecca, where he was attending an Islamic summit, Ahmadinejad said Iran’s right to develop a full civilian nuclear program was non-negotiable. “We are not allowed to negotiate on the principle of having peaceful nuclear technology,” Iran’s official IRNA news agency quoted him as telling a news conference. ... (If it's peaceful, why not allow inspectors; join the non-proliferation treaty, etc.?)

Ahmadinejad said the West had no right to suspect Iran.
(No right to suspect them, Except for:

  • In November 1979, Iranian student revolutionaries widely thought to be linked to the Khomeini government occupied the American Embassy in Tehran. Iran held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days.
  • Observers say Iran had prior knowledge of Hezbollah attacks, such as the 1988 kidnapping and murder of Colonel William Higgins, a U.S. Marine involved in a U.N. observer mission in Lebanon, and the 1992 and 1994 bombings of Jewish cultural institutions in Argentina.
  • Iran still has a price on the head of the Indian-born British novelist Salman Rushdie for what Iranian leaders call blasphemous writings about Islam in his 1989 novel The Satanic Verses.
  • U.S. officials say Iran supported and inspired the group behind the 1996 truck bombing of Khobar Towers, a U.S. military residence in Saudi Arabia, which killed 19 U.S. servicemen.

Source: )
But other than that, no right to suspect
Iran of devious shenanigans.

“Those who have many nuclear weapons and have used them in the past century against defenceless people ... are accusing Iran of deviating toward nuclear weapons,” he said. (I guess he means us. Used against defenseless people? The Japanese were hardly defenseless; otherwise, we'd have just landed and declared victory on Dec 8, 1941, right? Besides, didn't we apologize for that?)

“You are telling us we can’t produce nuclear fuel, that we will give it to you. You who imposed medical embargoes on nations that caused the death of countless numbers of people, what guarantees are there that you will give us nuclear fuel? Is there any real guarantee that when you give us fuel and we become dependent on you that we receive the fuel at the proper time and a reasonable price?” (Ever heard of OPEC? How about the oil embargo? Payback's a bitch, isn't it? Fact is, the nuke-having nations, according to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, have to give nuclear fuel to any country that develops nuclear capability, to keep them from giving it to others, and to get them to agree to the terms of the treaty.)

It seems that the only thing he's said that makes sense is the creation of an Israeli nation-state in Europe. Since the Nazis and Vichy French did the most to persecute the Jews, they should have to give up territory to create a new Jewish state in Europe. We could give them France, for instance. Or all of the Balkans. There's just that one thing, the Holy land. The Jews were there first. The "people of the Book" were the first ones there. Mohammed didn't begin perverting the teachings of the Talmud and Bible until the mid-7th century (CE). The Jews were there first, including cities like Jerusalem. So all the muslims should get out, right? After all, they took the holy lands from the Jews, and tried to purge all traces of Judaism and Christianity from those lands.

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The Jews named it, and have been there since at least 3000 BCE, or about 3622 years before the BIRTH of mohammed. Since, in the last millenium, Jews and Christians have learned to peacefully coexist (One of my very best friends is Jewish, and has taught me much about Judaism that I didn't know--Thanks, Moshe) they should be allowed to freely remain in Jerusalem. It is the holiest of cities, and I think Jews and Christians have a right to live and visit. Muslims have Mecca and Medina, the Haj, and other places to occupy them. As it is believed that Mohammed ascended into Heaven in Jerusalem, as soon as believers in the "religion of submission" learn to play well with others, and, more importantly, coexist with them, they too should be allowed to live and visit there.
Until then, they should just play with themselves.


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