Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pimp my Ride

Here we go. These are must-haves, non-negotiable for Chuck’s next vee—hickle.

1. All right hand controls, natch.

2. Room to seat five, comfortably.

3. Four wheel drive.

4. Power windows, doors, steering, brakes, transmission, and mirrors.

5. 6 Cylinders, minimum.

I have a truck now, and love the absolute utility of it, but I’m not wedded to one. I do like being farther off the ground and able to see (at least more than in the Mrs.’s Impala). I’m not interested in an over-muscled, gas-guzzling grocery fetcher, so most SUVs are out.

Believe it or not, I have entertained the thought of a hybrid. Never driven one, but I like the idea of 60 mpg. (I know, it’s contradictory to #5 but it’s my want list.) Honda has a promising pickup truck-like thing, anybody have any ideas?

Some other things I want in the vehicle (negotiable):

A dock for my Ipod

I wanna be able to call the vehicle and start it, or lock it, with my cell phone. Not through OnStar, but able to actually call the car directly.

I dig the commercial for the voice-activated car, but the car itself is unappealing.

I’ll entertain comments for other gadgets or items of coolness I may have missed, or suggestions for vehicles.


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