Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Stupidity is contagious (I've been reading the news again)

Let's review:
The folks who work on airplanes take bomb comments seriously. If you threaten to possess and/or use one, they'll kill you. Even if you're wife is behind you screaming that you're menally ill (which come to think of it, is probably not helping matters.) She could say you are the second coming of Christ, and You'll still find yourself with extra orifices once the Air Marshals get to you.

And that's how it should be.

Additionally, the shitheads who captured the dipshits (the Christian Peacemaking Team) in Iraq have extended the deadline until they murder the dipshits. Figures. I never met an Iraqi who did manage to do anything on time. The answer was always "inshallah": if allah wills it, then I'll do it, and if I don't do it/get around to it, well, allah must've wanted me not to do it. Not a bad idea. I'll wonder how far western civilization would've gotten if we used excuses like that. "I didn't do X, but it must be because God wanted me to stay up late at the nudie bar."

Actually, the shitheads are giving the US and Britain more time to decide they are serious and give in to their demands to release all Iraqi prisoners. All? I'd tell them to chose four. And no Saddam or anyone in the big deck of cards. Any four regular flunkies in the jail. Once they name their guys, we execute them. Their choice: kill their hostages and lose all their bargaining power, or let them go. Either way, there's four less shitheads in the jail, and four less dipshits. I doubt they will opt to stay in Iraq doing their "works of peace" after they get released.

When their parent organization told the world that they didn't want military action to secure their release, we should've said "Okay." But, fortunately, we don't do that. If I knew where they were, I'd be the first to lead a rescue raid. I doubt I'd order a "take no prisoners" gambit, as that is an illegal order, but I would stress to the boys that these folks are "True Believers" who were likely to resist. Give them an opportunity to surrender, and if they opt to fight, kill them. No different than any other mission. I honestly feel for the families of the men who are hostages. I truly do.

And what makes the bile bubble is that I know their organization would condemn their rescue by force, and probably their families too, and, in my heart of hearts, I know that if they are rescued, they will kiss the feet and faces of those who save them, call them heroes, thank them endlessly... until they are safely back beneath their rocks, back at home, and then they will decry the use of force, the military and the war on terror. Even if they are rescued by Iraqis, they will bemoan the use of violence to achieve their rescue. Some people you will never reach.

In happier news, Uncle Satan "boycotted" his trial. Never thought of that defense. Remember when they let Hannibal Lecter out of prison for transport? Facemask, chains, jumpsuit, strapped to a dolly?
Image Hosted by
That's how you get him into the courtroom next time he "boycots."

And finally Eritrea (rhymes with diarrhea) put the UN Peacekeepers there on notice that they had 10 days to get the fuck out of their soverign nation. The UN is there to stop the war betwixt Eritrea and Ethernopia So far, the war's been over for 5 years, ands only lasted for two--talk about a quagmire. While I greatly respect Eritrea's desire to rid itself of the UN, (and I support the idea of telling them to move their HQ the hell out of New York; we could use the land to build some trade centers) I think their move is rash. They should know how long it will take the UN to take real action (the UN did issue a statement, which is the same thing as action, right?) "The Security Council unequivocally demands that Eritrea immediately reverse its decision without preconditions," the 15-member Security Council said in a statement."

And if they don't reverse their decision, the UN will take action by issuing another, even more forcefully worded (but not offensive) statement. Note to Eritrea and Ethernopia: If we can't dig a couple of hundred feet and pump out dinosaur goo, we really don't care what you two do to each other. Ever heard of a place called Rwanda? No oil there either.


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