Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Hostipul

Well, we made it.  The Mrs. and I left the house at zero-dark-thirty this morning to begin what we hope will be our last journey to the Nations Capital body parts and service shop.  (Not to say we never want to come here again, just not to Walter Reed.)  I’ve an appointment on Monday, and then pre-op, Tuesday is a day of rest, and then the cutting begins on Wednesday.  Say bye-bye to feeling on the outside of the left foot, hello to an incision on my leg from my knee to my ankle, and to the beginnings of sensation (hopefully over the next few months) in my left hand.  Adelle can say Washington, D.C., but still says Hostipul.  Darn two-year-olds.  Good thing she’s pretty, cause I don’t think she’ll be working at JPL at this rate.

Anyhoo, the PO box is back on-line (see left sidebar.)  My project Chuckshirts is on hiatus.  I’m mostly leaning toward Cafepress (unless anyone has a better idea—the P/E ratio is a driving force) and will offer a small variety of t-shirts, sweats, and mugs.  Mostly slogans, rant quips, and the Url.  More to follow on that.  (And all of the profits go to Soldier’s Angels & Project Valour-IT.)

Anyone with my AOL address is advised we’re going to shitcan AOL as of 1 FEB.  Gmail is the way to go, and one helluva lot cheaper.

More posting this time while recuperating, I promise.  Stay tuned, this should get interesting.


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