Friday, January 20, 2006

I'm ready for my interview, Mr. DeMille…

That’s right woodchuckchuckers, yours truly is going to be interviewed for CNN’S On the Story.  But Chuck, you ask, “how did this happen?”  
I can assure you, they didn't contact me because of my breathtakingly good looks, iridescent charm, irascible humor, or even my deep humility.  There are actually interested in knowing why I blog (for the money), why I started blogging in Iraq (I heard it was a good way to meet chicks), why I continue to blog (again, the money), and why the mainstream media is viewed as not reporting it well in Iraq.
Now, these views are definitely going to be my personal views.  They do not and will not reflect any government views (at least not on purpose) and I will generally be speaking from the heart (although I've resigned myself not to curse like a drunken sailor with Tourettes... it will be so hard.)  I imagine we may end up discussing media bias, embedded journalists, my life as a pincushion, and the hardships of going through life being this good-looking.  Each of us has a cross to bear, I suppose.
The taping is tonight, and the show will air on CNN at 7 p.m. EST Saturday and 10 a.m. EST Sunday.  Honestly, I will try not to embarrass myself (or Carren, especially not Carren) and try to show things in a positive light, and not go on one of my rants about integrity, body counts, bloodlust, nanny government, immigration, the Supreme Court, liberals, Cindy Sheehan, current events, IslamoFascists, or Buddhists.
I have to leave for the interview in about 45 minutes.  So I'd better get dressed... more to follow.


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