Monday, January 23, 2006

Inrtaweb esplorer issues

Can any one out there who is familiar with web design take a look at the source code for this blog and tell me why it looks normal in Firefox but screwey in IE? The right sidebar is all the way down beneath the center column, and I want it even with the left column. I had Frontpage in Iraq, but not on this machine or at home. I'm reasonably confident changing the source, but can't figure out where the error is.

Also, a few people have mentioned taping the CNN interview, and other wanted to encode/host it. I'd really like to do that, but I have these questions/stipulations:
1. which is easiest to transfer: VHS, DVD, or TIVO
2. What format should it be encoded to?
3. The only thing I'm interested in posting is the segment with yours truly, the rest is just dull
4. I don't think it should require new drivers/software/etc, so hosting for REAL/WMP/QT are all likely
5. I wanna do this quick-like, so I'll look at who has the film and who can encode/host, and marry them up (mirror sites are good too) so you'll either have to post your email address or shoot an email to me with
"Source" or "Host" in the subject.


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