Thursday, January 19, 2006

Morphine for the Masses

No, it isn't religeon, it's music. Dope. Hits. Rock. Double entendres or synonyms, or homonyms? What am I talking about? Well, I've found a groovy new tune. You see, I have a salubrious appetite for music, one that is not limited to only a few genres or artists... I even like gangsta rap...not muck, but the occasional tune is really worthy of replay(of note: Elwood's Sundown.)
Or, I'm just as likely to giggle along to Monty Python, to drive really fast to Techno (especially Messiah: 21st Century Jesus)(Has zilch to do with Handel, BTW), Relax to Classical, Croon along with the rat pack, or Crack Skulls to Limp Bizkit (I actually had an Ipod compilation that I had the Psyops guys play in Iraq called "Iraqi House Party: Music to Search Houses to." It started with Bowie's "I'm afraid of Americans" and went on to include Limp's "Break Stuff" Rollins and Public Enemy's "Bring the Noise" among others. Segues were awful, meant to throw the locals all out of kilter and to give the boys a chuckle.

So, I want to introduce Richard Cheese (Dick?) to you. Take your average Pop/Rock/Rap song, and imagine it being sung by Frank, Dean, Jerry, and Sammy. It's groovy, funny, catchy, and generally fun. Carren will probably hate it. Google him, and buy his music.

By the way, I was looking up homonym (I knew the meaning, just couldn't recall the word) and came across this gem (see if you can spot the error):
A vowel sound produced by two adjacent vowels in the same syllable whose sounds blend together (i.e., oy, ow)

Um, is 'W' now a vowel?

the other Really depressing thing is the number of typos and the lack of distnction between "i.e." and "e.g" (that is to say/in other words vs. for example "list examples".
Damn. And I a) went to public school, b) didn't apply myself, c) am a low level public servant, d) Almost majored in Liberal Studies, e) All of the above. It's amazing I can even spell my own name with credentials like those.


Remember: Richard Cheese
(Source: "Glossary ~ Voluntary State Curriculum~ Reading ~ Instruction ~ School improvement in Maryland")

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