Saturday, January 21, 2006

Say again, all after...

Okay, what d'ja think? I was a) hoping I wouldn't get fired/sued/prosecuted for anything I said, but they cut out some of the best bits. Ferinstance, the thing that angered me about what was being reported while I was in Iraq: I actually added "like Brittany Spears' comments about how great her sex life was while she was pregnant, or how Jessica "functionally retarded" Simpson didn't understand what was contained in a tuna can trumped what was going on in Iraq... life and death struggles for freedom and democracy. The host, Ali Velshi, made a reply to that along the lines of larger audience interests/time constraints/more news to report than time allotted. I understand competing demands, however the question was subjective: What frustrated ME about the news.
I really would've liked to spend 2-3 more hours answering questions from the GWU students, but that was not to be. I don't suppose anyone recorded it and has a way to put it on the web?


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