Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Younyin

Here's my take:

Listen to the speech, read the transcript, whatever, and make up your own damn mind.

I watch it on C-SPAN, because they take calls from "Joe Average" afterward, and both sides usually come across as crackpots.

Afterward, GOV Tim Kaine (D-Virginia) made a parroted speech that responded to the speech. (Where was Howard Dean?) Sounded more like a platform speech. He's plasticman.

Chux state of the union speech:
We're winning in Iraq and Afghanistan, our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines are the finest in the world, and they are among the last remaining Americans who will "Bear any burden" to win. We all sit here in the safety of these hallowed halls and argue about causes for the war... but that is better left for historians.

There are those who call for a draft for the military; I notice that almost all of them are ineligible for a draft, and NONE of them wear a uniform. So shut your damn mouths.

Al-queso recently offered a truce with us; if we were not winning, why would they offer "peace with dignity?" We are winning in Iraq and Afghanistan, those who say we are losing don't believe in the determination of our military; or in the determination of people who have achieved freedom; that they will hold on to it with the same firmness as our own forefathers.

Gas is expensive, but not prohibatively so, but we will immediately cap the cost at $1.75 per gallon, by decreasing federal and state taxes on gasoline until that price is met. Further, American Automakers have until the end of this year to build cars that produce 1/3 the current emissions and offer 2/3 more fuel efficiency, accept multifuels, and all come with hybrid options. Failure to do so will result in a 100% Tax on the MSRP levied on any new vehicle produced which doesn't meet this standard. Foreign cars which do not meet this standard will be impounded and destroyed.

The wall on the border(s) will be built as fast as humanly possible, as a matter of a clear and present danger to American security and sovereignity. Guest workers will be welcomed, provided they apply for and are granted work visas.

My new plan for control of crime is simple: All nonfelons in this country, who are over the age of 21, or those under 21 who serve in the Armed Forces, are allowed to openly carry any firearm. People are encouraged to carry, own, and familiarize themselves with personal weapons, in order to protect themselves. in places without guns, crime soars. In places that embrace them, crime, all crime, withers. As famed writer Robert Heinlien once said: "An armed society is a polite society."

We have an economy that can out-purchase, out-produce, and out-live any nation on earth; if we, as a nation choose to do so. We built nuclear weapons with a total advance in technology equivalent to the advance in technology from the Model-T to the Space program, and We did that in only Five years.

We will go put an American Flag on Mars by 2015, and establish an American base on the moon by 2020. we will do this by increasing spending on high school and college education, focusing on math and sciences, but grounded in philosophy, history, and ethics. We can do this because we have the will to do it, and because we are the only Nation on Earth that can.

Finally, as the Commander in Chief, I have authorized the bombing of all suspected and confirmed nuclear enrichment, production, and weapons sites in Iran and North Korea. The bombs began falling at the beginning of this speech. Both these terrorist states wanted to see nuclear power, and now they will. We are the only nation that has ever had the will to use nuclear weapons, and it's time the rest of the world was reminded of that.
Thank you,
And God bless the United States of America

--President Chuck

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