Thursday, February 23, 2006

Carren's back on-line!!!

Okay folks... since Tom Miller said I should post while Chuck is truck-hunting, I suppose I shouldn't let him down:) Well, Chuck found his truck after MANY days w/ his head glued to the computer (what else is new).... and he found a GREAT deal. He's a good shopper (thanks to me, who finally got him to stop impulse buying and actually compare prices, etc). I'll let him tell you about the truck so I don't steal his thunder. We don't actually have it yet anyway... it's at the dealership getting fixed up "Chuck's way."

I do have other news... we found out on Tuesday that we will be moving to PA at the end of May. Chuck got the assignment he (we) wanted teaching ROTC at Indiana Univ. of PA (it's in the city of Indiana in the state of PA...). That's where Chuck and I graduated and received our commissions in 1997. AND.... we got married at the cute little courthouse in Indiana, PA (the day before Chuck was commissioned). We'll be back on our old stomping grounds and back in STEELER COUNTRY for about 3 years. After that, Chuck will only have about 3 more years left in the Army (if he retires at 20), so we'll see what comes our way after that.

We don't have moving dates or anything like that yet. He has to report on 01 June, but Creighton's school year doesn't end until 25 May. So we may have to take him out of school a week or two early (which is really no big deal for Kindergarten... and he's a smart kid anyway so I am sure he'll be fine). Chuck has been looking at houses on-line for the last two days, so if you know anyone who is a realtor in the Indiana, PA area, give us a name and contact info!!! We may buy a house, but aren't sure yet. We have to at least rent somewhere, otherwise we'll have to live in Chuck's new truck (it's big enough). ha ha

I've been busy as usual. Having back problems again so I make my 3 trips a week to PT, and now I am also seeing a chiropractor. I just wanna feel normal again w/o back pain!!! UGH!!!! Okay, enough whining. I am still kinda in grad school. I have to finish my generalist practicum hours (that I couldn't finish when Chuck was wounded) from last summer. I start on 15 March and SHOULD be done by the 2nd week in April. When we move I have to find another school that has a clinical SW program so I can finish my master's. Right now it looks like Pitt is where I will end up.

Have I babbled enough? The kids are doing great. Creighton will soon be getting glasses b/c he is far-sighted. He looks so cute! He tried on frames yesterday and we'll get the glasses next week. He did so well at the eye exam... I was quite shocked. He is actually excited to wear glasses (we'll see how long that lasts). Adelle will be 3 on 06 March, so we have a b-day party to plan for next weekend. She is soooooo like me it's scary!!! Stubborn, persistant, thinks she's boss, full of herself, etc. Yes, I'll admit to it, but I don't like dealing w/ another "me" in the house!

I'm done for now. Thanks to you all for your continued support of us and all of the other soldiers and families. We love you all!!!

Take care and God Bless,

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