Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mudville Gazette crucifies Karpinski

Greyhawk filets BG, I mean Col Karpinski's latest shrieks of laudinum-induced sheehananigans(TM) (also known as the blame everybody but me syndrome.)

Mudville Gazette

Read the post, then this will make sense:

1. There's not enough room on a portapotty for me, let alone me and an unwilling female.
2. Drinking water to avoid peeing at night? Like there's nowhere else on the FOB to piss... not that I'd know anything about that...
3. I'll bet she believes in the "ether bunny" too.
4. Well, it wasn't in her basic company, but in the one right before hers, a guy tied the cord of the buffer to his neck and threw it out the window to commit suicide, but the cord was too long...
5. And this one time, at advanced camp...

At least I now know it can't be *that* hard for a nine-fingered CPT with more scars than skin to make it to BG.


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