Sunday, March 12, 2006

Alright, now I'm pissed

Okay. Perturbed might be a better word.

Heck, I suppose irritated or mildly annoyed would really fit the bill.

Top 5 things that piss me off (today):

1. Fat kids. Not the genetically bankrupt/or those with a disorder or other "condition." I'm pissed at all the little butterballs I see drooling over the latest xbox/nintendo/sony game, while sucking on a jumbo mountain dew and smearing a pizza slice all over their face. They should be forcibly separated from their parents (and the feed bag) and sent to fat camp. Their parents should be forced into nutrition classes, and given a weigh-in parole. If the kids exceed their target weight by more than 20% before they are juniors in high school, mom and dad go to jail for negligent endangerment. Stop setting your kid up for failure later on in life.

2. Pharmacies. I hate going to the pharmacy and being told that I can't have a medication because it can't be taken with another med I am taking, when I've been happily taking both for four months. Then these asshats refuse to call my doctor. Here's a thought: why not leave the hard decisions to the MD's, and just count the little pills and put them in a bottle? They put the hell in healthcare. Actually, they may be #1.

3. People driving while talking on a cell phone, with every occupant in the car (especially the two kids in back) sitting next to dangling seatbelts. Of course, the cops are out writing speeding tickets, because that provides more revenue to the county/borough/hamlet. (Generally, anyone talking on a cell phone is bad, those not using a handsfree device is MUCH worse, and those who attempt to talk on the phone while smoking a butt, eating a biggie fries, cranking the tunes and holding their kid (clothed only in a diaper, naturally) on their lap, should generally be taken out of the gene pool ex post facto.)

4. Unmarked police vehicles doing speed enforcement. When you see a police car on the highway, you slow down. You start using your blinker. In general, you behave. So, what, oher than revenue generation, is the point of using an unmarked vehicle for traffic enforcement? Why not just put more patrol cars out there, and see how many people actually drive normally?

5. Shoe Gazers. You know these clowns. They're the Goth/Glam/Vampire wanna-bes that look like they stepped out of a Cure video circa 1985. Black hair, black nails, too much bad-color-choice makeup, way too much eyeliner. Way too much white face makeup. They look dead. That's attractive. They wander around staring at their shoes and lamenting the futility of it all. It's like they have the market cornered on the "life sucks" meme. Guess what? Life is tough. It's tougher when you're stupid. Now stop making yourselves look even less employable than you already are, pick any of the other 7 crayons in the box and make that your new base color.

For those who're interested, I've not gotten a ticket lately, I have gotten the run around from the post pharmacy (again), I was forced to wander around wally world for an hour and a half waiting to get my prescription filled. That's enough to irritate me, but it seemed like I had freaks surrounding me like white on rice. The funniest was the 15-ish punk who had on the spiked collar, spiked wristbands, requisite skull rings, black cutoff tanktop, torn up jeans, the works. And I know I coulda beat his ass six ways from sunday and had him singing showtunes in a falsetto in about four minutes from go. Tough isn't what you wear, it's what you are.

I've not written much this week, mostly because I've been going back to work and actually doing something productive for a change. We celebrated Adelle's 3rd birthday today, and a good time was had by all. Right now life is slowing down to relatively normal. Ranting at the news, raising the kids, doing the nine to five, you know, Johnny All-American. Am I at an impasse? Is it time to reevaluate what I am doing here and consider hanging up the keyboard?

Nah. I haven't pissed off enoug people yet.


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