Monday, March 06, 2006

Ethanol and other snake-oil

Elijah, a fellow detainee at Camp Walter Reed, where the military sends only the gimpiest cripples, has read about my exploits at the house of crustaceans, and did some artwork:
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For the record, I know what ethanol is, I know how it's made, and I know the benefits of it. The only problem(s) that I have with it is that
1. I own a flex fuel vehicle (the honda) and owned a flex fuel vehicle since 1998. Still haven't seen any ethanol at the pumps. (I know, you've got six out in West Buttscratch, but I've never seen one)
2. The flex fuel engines get WORSE fuel milage with ethanol than gas, so in order for it to be a viable fuel alternative, wouldn't we have to produce more ethanol than the oil we currently import for gas?
3. Since they get WORSE fuel milage, of course GM is dedicated to building a gojillion of them. Poor fuel efficiency is what GM is all about!
4. Sooner or later, there will be a shortage of Corn Pops. After that, I think there's only two or three seals left. And then, Apocalypse... mark my words.

Finally, if you can't tell humor from serious, just shut up and color.


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