Friday, March 31, 2006

I don't get it

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I don't get it.

1. If this guy's my neighbor, I'm moving. If I can't move, I'm buying more guns.

2) High school kids are staging walkouts to protest HR4437, which wants to make illegal immigrants (and those who aid & abet them) fellons. Why do they care? How will this negatively affect them?

3) Last time I checked, kids don't have the option to attend school, why aren't their truancy officers arresting them?

4) How did illegals get a permit* to protest? (*peaceably assemble) It's something We the People require to ensure riots are legally able to be put down. Why aren't the protesting illegals being rounded up by the INS/Border Patrol?

5) Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't illegal entry into our country well, illegal? Why is legislating it as such causing such a stir? Is it because making it more than a misdemeanor would result (possibly) in the gummint actually doing something about the problem? (Besides, if a person's first inclination to enter this country is by committing a crime, do you really think they'll magically become upstanding members of society?)

6) Biggest two arguments: "The legislation is racist;" and "This country was built by immigrants." Here comes the fisking.

The legislation is racist: Um, no. The greatest number of illegal immigrants are Latino. Ergo, they'll be the largest group affected. Calling the legislation racist is like calling sickle-cell anemia racist. It just happens to affect a certain group of people more than others, but not because it has "motive." The legislation doesn't say that only mexicans entering illegalsly are felons, any more than it specifies Arabs, Asians, Afrians, Indians (frmo India), or Europeans (But we really should be able to do something about all those Dutchmen flooding the borders. After all, they can't sneak across the border that easily with those wooden shoes, can they?)

"This country was built by immigrants." Well, duh. All those Indians (not from India) didn't build anything (except for the Pueblo Injuns) so all of us immigrants stole their land to build on. Those immigrants came here either when there were VASTLY different immigration policies (including racial and country of origin quotas--now that's racist) or before we even had immigration--when we were but a fledgling nation, not the great welfare state. They didn't come here dreaming to become gardeners, house cleaners, or to protest the laws made by the citizens (i.e. the taxpayers who pay for their welfare.) Oh yeah, most of those who built this country were LEGAL immigrants who suffered FAR worse than the current crop of illegal illegals (try reading Upton Sinclair's The Jungle. It's about far more than the meat packing industry.) Imagine working your ass off for years only to lose everything you ever had, and there's no social welfare/great society/safety net of good intentions to catch you. Sure, we had our crop of bad immigrants--the Mafia Cosa Nostra, Commies, and The Amish, but we've either jailed them, blacklisted them, or kept them down by not giving them access to technology--like zippers.

So making illegals illegal is bad, supposedly. Making those who help illegal illegals is bad, too. I don't think the INS really cares if Sister Mary Agnes Twistedpanties is giving them soup and blankets at the shelter. But going after the guys who transport/guide them across the border as felons maks a big difference. Since the mexican government is actively encouraging its own people to go to El Norte for social welfare, I think it'd only be fair to close the southern border(NOTHING in or out, 'cept bullets), board up all meheecan embasies and missions, and sever all ties with meheeco for a year or so. (And shitcan NAFTA, too.) Then we'll see how Vincente Fox starts to behave. Since terrorists have entered through that oh-so-porous border (and meheeco claims to be "investigating" how that ever could've happened in a country as secure as theirs) we could go so far as to claim that meheeco is a sponsor of terrorism, and strt lobbing artillery shells across the border.

Honestly, I think we should help meheeco. We should give them all of our Asian illegal immigrants by paying them $25K per to move south, and start demanding evrything the illegal immigrants here demand (Free schools, loans, housing, jobs, dual-language everything, etc.) Since, having so much money they'd instantly A) royally screw up the economy B) become the landed gentry C) Quickly gain political influence and power D) possibly teach a true work-ethic and demand the gummint build better schools, E) "Fix" meheeco's ills.

Why Asians? It's not racist. Really. Guess who built most of the first trans-continental railroad, especially the western (and most dangerous) half? Asians. How many are shown in the "Golden Spike" photograph? None. The asian immigrant population in this country has brought a socially responsible culture, steeped in strong family values, which places great emphasis on education, honor, and duty. All of these things are necessary to the building of a great nation. Meheeco has the potential to become as great a country as the US.

Wow, that really does sound racist. I am speaking in the absurd, of course. What we really need to do is send the Irish down there, to teach them how to make good liquor and stop fermenting agaves to make horse piss, or, in espanol, Tequila. The only problem is that the Irish are usually so drunk they wouldn't survive the trip without puking everywhere, and the meheecan climate is too hot to grow potatoes.

There, that's better. This immigration legislation isn't racist. It doesn't care about the color of your skin, only about the color of your INS id card.


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