Sunday, April 16, 2006

Carren's back... did ya miss me?!

Hello everyone! Bet y'all thought Chuck buried me in the basement or barred me from the computer, huh? Well... I keep escaping from the basement and we have two computers (although I am using his laptop, which was so graciously given to him by Soldiers' Angels).

I haven't read Chuck's blog in weeks, but when I read his latest about being sick, I just couldn't resist (read his post below if you haven't already). Why is it that guys are such babies when they are sick?????? Now, I am not in any way referring to Chuck's hospital stays, etc... that was completely different. But a cold? Yes, I have been playing nurse to him and Adelle all day. I don't mind so much... got kinda used to it last summer at Walter Reed... but a cold? I was sick about 10 days ago (for about three days)... caught some kind of funky virus. I still did laundry, dishes, took the kids to school, picked them up from school, made dinner, and the list goes on. I will admit I took a 4 hour nap one of those days and ignored my house (the kids were at school) and Chuck picked up the kids after school, but the other two days I was being mom and wife AND trying to finish my practicum at a boys' shelter for juvenile offenders. Did I feel like shit? Hell yeah! Did I have a "nurse" to take care of me? No... Chuck had to work. So what's my real complaint??? Why do guys become whiny and pouty when they are sick?!?!?!?!? And why can't anyone take care of ME (other than ME) when I am sick?! Just curious...

Well, Adelle's fever finally broke and she spent about two hours zooming around the house saying, "I'm all better now, Mommy!" Thank God for bed time! Chuck's still feeling crappy, but I bought him all his drugs today so he should be better soon.

One last thing... please pray for my sanity! I have a whole house to go through and prepare to move in the next 4 weeks. The movers start packing us up on May 5th. All the stuff should be loaded and headed for PA by the 10th. We plan to leave KS on the 13th. Then drive halfway across the country (w/ a few overnight stops) w/ two kids and three cats. Should prove interesting and probably lots to blog about.

If you are going to the Milblog conference on the 22nd, I look forward to seeing/meeting you. I'll get to DC on Friday and leave on Sunday... quick trip for me. Chuck leaves for DC on Tuesday for some follow-ups and such. So if you'll be in DC next week, let him know b/c he will have some time to kill b/w appointments.

Must sign off now... babbled long enough. I hope you all had a Blessed Easter and that the bunny brought you lots of goodies!

Take care and God Bless!

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