Saturday, April 29, 2006

DOS, Saudis, and Logic

It seems that a Denial of Service (DOS) attack has shut down a better part of a blogosphere.  This attack has been tracked as originating from Saudi Arabia.  Granted, most of the terrorists involved in the September 11, 2001 attacks were Saudis.  Granted, the government United States considers the Saudi Arabian government to be friendly.  Granted, the Saudi Arabian government will do little if anything to capture and extradite these people who continue to attack our information structure.  Quite simply, if they can do it to the blog sphere they can do it to the mainstream media, they can do it to the government web sites, and they can do it in other parts of our infrastructure (power grid anyone?).  Of course since it just happened us bloggers, nothing will be done about it.  No Sabres rattled, no bombs dropped, no cruise missiles or ‘Specops.’  It probably won't even be mentioned in the mainstream media.
So what, is just a bunch of hackers right?  Just a bunch of kids screwing around right?  Probably not.  It's probably a state-supported group of hackers who are sharpening their skills on minor civilian targets.  Yes, I know the Saudi government is our friend.  I also know that many of the man-dress wearing potentates in the Saudi government supported, either financially or ideologically, Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda terror network. (Coincidentally, the voice recognition software has no problem recognizing Osama bin Laden or Al Qaeda.)
So how do we convince the government that going after these asshats is important?  Pretty simple actually: we immediately block all domains in the country from communicating with United States.  This wouldn't cripple our military, but it would cripple their commerce and communications.  Since gasoline is already over three dollars a gallon in most places, and economic sanction or it wouldn't hurt us that much more.  And it doesn't have to be a permanent solution, we could do it for a few weeks.
It’s time information attacks are seen as no different than any other type of attack on the US.  What happens when they hack and shut down the NYSE or NASDAQ?  That’s an attack on our economy, no different than sinking commercial vessels, or flying planes into the World Trade Center.
Could it be that these attacks focused on Milblogs instead of the MSM because we speak the truth?


In a similar vein, the islamofucknuts claim that the Zionists/Joos control the media, and we know that the MSM does a lousy job of reporting the war, over inflates the anti-war movement, gives credence to the claims of the terrorists, and constantly seeks to undermine our own government.  We know the latter to be true, so why are the evil Joos doing this instead of supporting the Zionist gummint that seeks to destroy islam?  Ain’t logic a bitch?

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