Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Enough Screwing Around

Would someone please kill this guy and his progeny?

The asshole Phelps, who demonstrates at soldiers
funerals, will be at Walter Reed TOMORROW, Thursday,
April 06.

The clan claims to be Baptist, but the Baptist Church
has disclaimed their congregation.

FRee Republic will also be there to counter them. We
have requested a permit from 2 PM thru 4:30 PM. This
time overlaps Phelps' time of 2:45 to 3:30.

Sorry for the late notice. Please spread the word.

There is parking in the area, but car pooling will be

Bring a large U.S. flag. We'll line Georgia Avenue so
that the soldiers cannot see Phelps and his clan.

Check out this link to FRee Republic's notice.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Kat said...

Dude, If i lived near there, I would SOOOO BE THERE. Dang..ATL is 10 hours away tho..crud... My thoughts are with y'all...those evil sickos.....

seawitch said...

If I lived there, I would be with the Freepers. Phelps and his group are sick.

SK said...

If somebody took this ass out, it would be the first time ever they'd have a list of folks volunteering for jury duty!

Tom Miller said...

Chuck, I'm with you.

Uh, on the new format... can we at least get the Chuxshirts, etc, links back?

Karla (threadbndr said...

Chuck, please be careful with that first line of your post. These guys will sue anything that stands still or even crawls slowly.

They are from my hometown, to my everlasting shame. My late husband once stood in a police line between them and the KKK on the KS state house grounds and said afterwards that it was like being dipped in sewage.

My home parish is their favorite local venue and some of the things they yell at me with all my Marine Mom bumper stickers turns my stomach.

I wish I had the resources to get to WReed today. I'm there against bigotry in my heart and spirit.

Anonymous said...

They can't sue anyone if they are all dead.

CJ said...

Wish I could be there too! I'd have as big a flag as I could carry!

Kath said...

I'm in small town Texas or I'd be there in a flash.

It's. not. right.

Graham Carson said...

I've forwarded the info to some friends in Wash. this morning. Hope they are there now.

I'm with you in spirit brother.


fstarssblink182 said...

wow that is just sad, well i hope everything worked out ok. Sorry traveling from California is a LITTLE far!! lol

Kudzu said...

Remember the scene in the '68 release of "Planet of the Apes" when Taylor (C. Heston) and crew first spotted signs of life on planet future Earth? Several bodies had been crucified hanging head down on "X" crosses.

For years I have visualized Fred Phelps the same way but stripped naked and hung on the front of his Topeka "church." In addition he would have a stick of dynamite stuck in his rectum. Needless to say the fuse would be lit.

Phelps and his litter of pigs deserve only the very worst life has to offer.

Barb said...

Tom - the link info is also stored in the template, so it all went into the bit bucket together.

Do leave the name Phelps up there in the title, though. I would so love to see that scum sue you, Chuck. If he was brave enough to come out into the sunlight, that is. Cockroaches are shy about sunlight, ya know.

Anonymous said...

I got word that Phelps and his minions didn't show...