Thursday, April 13, 2006

Evicted without cause

The first meal I had outside the Hospital was at a wonderful steak restaurant called Fran O'brien's. Managers Hal and Marty put together a free steak dinner for wounded soldiers and one family member (they will make exceptions for more) every Friday. The food is free, the wait staff donates their time, and they are wondeful hosts. It is a great experience, both because it get some real food in your tummy, and because it is a very big step on the road to recovery. Heather from Free Republic, the group that shows up every Friday to counter-protest the faggots at Walter Reed who protest against the war (but support the troops, of course) and Fred "somebody please put a bullet in me" Phelps.

"Marty and Hal need our help. For over six months they
have been asking the Hilton Management for the terms
for renewal of their lease. For over 5 months they
were told not to worry they would have the renewal
lease in a few weeks. About a month ago the Hilton
folks stopped responding to their emails and voice
messages for a status report and last week Hal and
Marty received a one page eviction notice. No
explanation was given. We suspect that at least part
of the reason is the Friday night dinner Hal and Marty
have been hosting for the last two and a half years.
It may be that the Hilton folks are concerned about
the increased liability of having so many severely
injured and disabled soldiers in their basement each
Friday (several have taken falls on the steep stairs
at the entrance to Fran’s (but no law suits or
problems have ensued). It may be that there is very
limited and problematic wheelchair access to the
restaurant (although no ADA complaints have been
filed). The truth is that we don’t know for sure but
what we do know is that this is unfair. Unless we can
change the minds of the folks at the Hilton Hotel
Fran’s will be out of business on May 1st and we will
not have any place to hold our Friday night dinner for
the injured soldiers and marines of Walter Reed and
Bethesda Naval Hospitals. If you are so inclined I
would like to ask you to call and/or email the
following two officials at the Hilton and voice your
support for Hal and Marty and express your concern for
the reasoning behind this seemingly arbitrary

Please call them tomorrow or Friday and feel free to
share this with anyone else who might be willing to call Hilton's Contact Info: Dan Boyle (212) 838-1558
Brian Kellaher (202) 393-1000

Call them, email them, ask your representatives to call them, but get involved and stop the assclowns at the Hilton!

Move out and draw fire!


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