Monday, April 10, 2006

A (few) points of clarification

If this war is about oil, then why are pre-war oil production rates higher than current production rates? Wouldn't it have been a bigger priority than water and electricity programs that are continuously being improved and built in Iraq?
(Not that you'd hear about it from the MFTUI-Media For The UnInformed)

I may be going out on my own un-informed limb here, but before the war, wasn't it, um, illegal for Iraq to produce oil for anything other than the oil-for-food program? So how do we know what the pre-war production levels were? Are we estimating based on the amount of food actually purchased, factoring in the kickbacks for certain members of the UN; or are we just using Saddam's minister's reports, which are either biased to report what Saddam wanted to hear, or to make themselves look good.

I've also read that there's no drinkable water (seemingly) anywhere in Iraq. Who's definition of drinkable are we using, our or theirs? Before the war, Iraq was a third-world country, and it lacked the infrastructure before the war to provide potable water to its people. So it isn't like all we needed to do is fix some pipes and pumps, maybe change a filter. We have to build it, most of the time, for the first time. So where'd they get there drinking water from before we came and told them it was unclean? Well, when they actually have electricity, many have pumps that go to the local canal and fill cisterns on the roof. They use these for cooking/washing, and sometimes even for bathing! Just like before the war.

Just wanted some clarification, now back on your heads.


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