Saturday, April 29, 2006

The MILBLOG conference.

First, I have to say thank you thank you thank you to Andi Carroll for the hard work, dedication, (and I'm sure personal sacrifice) that she gave in putting all of the details together to make this conference such a resounding success. She is truly amazing, and I think, if she's going to do this next year that the conference attendees and panelists should all donate five dollars toward the ‘buy Andi a drink and get her a massage’ fund. I really did have a blast, both in the green room during the mother of all podcasts which included yours truly, Smash, Blackfive, Uncle Jimbo, Holly Aho providing heckles and laughter, in a free-flowing discussion of global events (thanks to the boys from the Virginia Mental Institute).
So, we all had a blast, if you didn't come then shame on you because you missed a hell of a good time. You better make it next year. I'm making a list, and I just might block IP addresses unless you contact me ahead of time with a damned good reason why you can't be there.
And, as promised, here is your next press secretary (Uncle Jimbo) enjoining his favorite libation: a double Shirley Temple, extra cherries, hold the umbrella.
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Honest injun, we tried to get him to drink something a bit more... grown up, but he kept insisting that he had to maintain his girlish figure and besides if he gets drunk he usually ends up waking up next to a Filipino lady-boy, or in a Turkish prison wearing nothing but a Speedo & a million-dollar smile.
Of course, in the bars I ended up sporting a variety of Chuck shirts. At Fran O'Brien's, it was the ‘my imaginary friend can beat up your imaginary friend’ shirt; in Georgetown it was the ‘what would you give your right nut for?’ Shirt. Strange looks to be sure, but it did invoke some interesting conversation from locals.
The panels were a blur, and the play-by-play can be found elsewhere. I had a great time on my panel, and I think next year we should have two days of panels each session lasting probably an hour longer. There was so much to be said and so little time to say it, and still hear from everyone in the panel on the topics.
Also, we should serve coffee. There was lots of ice water, but fish pee in water so I tend not to drink it. Otherwise, it was a phenomenal experience; I really do hope be invited back next year as a panelist, (and Carren does too of course) because when I sit in the audience and listen, I come up with questions that by the time I get to the microphone have completely left my head.


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