Monday, April 24, 2006

Op-For Radio Strikes Back

Stolen completely from Op-For, formerly the Officer's Club, because I am a lazy bastard.

It's the MOAP: The mother of all podcasts! Click here for the second installment of Op-for Radio!

In our second podcast, recorded from the 2006 Milblog Conference, John and I interview an all-star cast of milbloggers.... Matt and Uncle Jimbo from Blackfive, LT Smash, and Chuck from TC Overide.

We discuss where Milblogging is going, combat in Iraq, and OPSEC for bloggers. Then we move on to a roundtable on topics such as immigration, and the current hot-button issue: Iran.

**John** MOAP is long, but guys this is podcasting at its absolute flippin' best. We started with a two-on-one format, with Chuck from tcoverride up first. Chuck was so good that Charlie and I were like "hell, just stay for SMASH's interview." And then there was three. SMASH was so damn good that we had him stay too. Enter Uncle Jimbo and Blackfive. By that time all Charlie and I had to do was say one word (e.g. immigration, or Iran) and let the group carry it away.

I dare any of the big-time radio gurus to match the expertise we had sitting around that table. An army armor officer who was wounded in Iraq leading his men, a naval surface warfare officer who ran security watches in the Persian Gulf, two former Army special forces soldiers, an Army intelligence officer, and one dumb zoomie (this guy, heh).

It's some 45 minutes long and a little fuzzy, but you guys are absolutely freakin' nuts if you ignore this one....


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