Monday, April 03, 2006


Looks like Don Goldwater (or one of his staffers) has been reading the blog! Although I'm saddened that he wouldn't quote me directly, I'll understand when I'm made the Secretary of a new Cabinet Position, The Department of Kicking Ass, Keeping Amertica Safe within her borders, and Occasional Border Excursions to beat the piss out of our neighbors when they play their music too loud.

I think I'll have to work on the title, the business cards would get unruly. The DoKAKASwHBOBEBtPoooNwPtMtL would really bee too hard to get right all the time. Maybe just the Department of Kicking Ass, Securing Borders, and Rounding Ip Illegals. Eeither way, I'll probably accept, but I'll still keep blogging.


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Snog Dot said...

Please send me a job application.