Monday, April 03, 2006

Remember this?

“We will direct every resource at our command — every means of diplomacy, every tool of intelligence, every instrument of law enforcement, every financial influence, and every necessary weapon of war — to the disruption and to the defeat of the global terror network.

This war will not be like the war against
Iraq a decade ago, with a decisive liberation of territory and a swift conclusion. It will not look like the air war above Kosovo two years ago, where no ground troops were used and not a single American was lost in combat.

Our response involves far more than instant retaliation and isolated strikes. Americans should not expect one battle, but a lengthy campaign, unlike any other we have ever seen. It may include dramatic strikes, visible on TV, and covert operations, secret even in success. We will starve terrorists of funding, turn them one against another, drive them from place to place, until there is no refuge or no rest. And we will pursue nations that provide aid or safe haven to terrorism.” --George W, Bush
September 12, 2001

I think it outlines our current (not to mention our past) policies. It was outlined then, and it hasn’t changed. Why is everyone so up in arms over the war on terrorism? We knew it wouldn’t happen overnight. We knew the cost in human life would be high. We knew that we wouldn’t be at war with just one nation, but a global network of terrorists. So why does the MSM keep harping on the duration of this war?

It seems to me that they (The MSM) continuously deride everything the White House does, but have yet to offer one single viable alternate course of action. The same is true of the Democratic party. Actually, most of the people and pundits who offer their opinions don’t have an alternate course of action, other than total surrender.

This is a long, protracted war. We must finish it or we will not only lose face internationally, in a world that already thinks we don’t have a stomach for war, but also in the eyes of the terrorists, who will become emboldened by our unwillingness to fight. If we quit or lose this war, you’d better get to Barnes and Noble and get “Arabic for Dummies” and “Cliff’s Notes: The Koran.” Assuming of course, that you don’t get killed by a suicide bomber in the mall, or a dirty bomb, or a Chemical or Biological agent; the influx of Arabs entering the country, both legally and illegally, will certainly start demanding “more than equal” rights.

Eventually, your corner pubs will become Mosques, and you’ll enjoy the Carly-Simon-played-backwards-at-the-wrong-speed calls to prayer, five times a day, and you’re still likely to be killed by a suicide bomber who’s out to kill those “less faithful” than himself. Not to mention the replacement of your local laws with Sharia-based laws. Don’t think it can happen? There’s actually a precedent, dating back a couple hundred years, that bases many of your local laws on religion. They’re called Blue Laws, and are based primarily on the beliefs of the Mennonite, Quaker, and Amish. Ever wonder why you can’t buy beer or do banking on Sunday? Blue Laws. Other than being annoying, they are based on religion. Fact is, if Muslims move into your town, and eventually gain the majority, they’ll have the voter base to do pretty much whatever they want with your local laws. Scary thing, this American way of democracy. Anyone see a need for stronger border and immigration control?

Interesting how a few arguments can sow the seeds of racism. How many of you are now for the establishment of strict quotas based on ethnicity and religion? This has been a mental exercise in hate-mongering, just wanted to show how people are so easily swayed from patriotism, to fear, to hatred. Scary, no?


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