Sunday, May 21, 2006

Fat People

I've come down pretty hard on the cross section of our society who (for whatever reason) are overweight. In general, I'm not referring to those who're a few pounds overweight, or "pleasingly plump." I usually am referring to those who've become grossly, dangerously, and morbidly obese. Generally speaking, those whom I've talked to all claim thet it's genetic, many while chomping on their fifth fried twinkie.
I poke fun at them. I show disdain for them. I even humiliate them. I'm wrong for doing so. I'm not fat. I smoke. Surely, I'm throwing rocks in a glass house if I speak to their not taking care of themselves, or cite their health concerns. I guess it's just an easy target, a maligned section of our society who are generally are giving, loving, and supportive of other people, who empathize with others' plights, and who are coincidentally, more fun-loving and full of life (and big macs) (sorry, baby steps here) than the rest of us.
Sure, it's easy to judge based on looks. It's harder to judge based on knowledge. I see people doing stupid things, it's easy to lump them together based on physical traits. I should choose to illustrate their stupidity based on their actions, not their waistlines.

Except for midgets. And cripples. And crippled midgets. And the Amish. But other than that, it's wrong to pick on people for their physical traits, and I don't think I'm gonna do it anymore, either in public or private.
Oh yeah. I forgot nine-fingered people, and people with lots of scars. They're fair game too.
So midgets, cripples, nine-fingered (digitus-noni) people, the Amish, and people with lots of scars. God help me if I see a badly scarred nine-fingered Amish midget cripple. Then all bets are off.


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