Saturday, May 20, 2006

Odyssey, Part 1

Well, we left Kansas on the 12th. Getting out of Fort Riley was, in Retrospect, a pain in the ass, but a minor one at that. All things considered, it was on par with the othe military bases I've left. Visit a lot of post agencies I've never been to before to have them stamp a piece of paper that says I don't owe them anything, visit agencies I have been to before to turn in stuff I've gotten from them, and pick up records from all sorts of places.

We drove on the first day to Saint Louis, cats were drugged out of their little minds, and it was a good first leg. We stayed at a Drury hotel just around the corner from the Arch, and even though the weather was crap, the kids got to see it from the window in the hotel hallway. Personally, I think as far as monuments go it's both pointless and silly, I doubt I'd visit St. Louis again just to see it. (Sorry, St. Louis chamber of commerce.)

I missed the Commander in Chief's speech on immigration, but got to listen to all the punditry. Too much, not enough, not needed, too soon, too late, the whole gamut. (Just read the wall post, and you'll see how to make this problem go away.) After about an hour of the punditry, I wanted to try to stuff my head in a pencil sharpener, swo I just listened to the radio.

Day two we drove from St. Louis to Louisville, for a short visit with the mom-in-law. We stayed for two days, and then off to PA! PA arrival was very late at night, into a Best Western with a leaky roof in the room, the bouquet of mildew in the air, and who gives a shit, it was a bed! The next morning we would begin our quest for new digs.


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