Saturday, May 20, 2006

Odyssey, Part 3

We've found a home!
3 bigass Bedroom, 2 newly-remodeled baths, finished basement with lots of built-in cabinets, bigass yard, gas heat, fireplace, bigass newly-remodeled kitchen (with new stove-microwave combo thingy, fridge, dishwasher, counters, cabinets and floors), bigass laundry room with new washer/dryer, two-car garage with automatic openers, 2 blocks to the elementary school, 1 block to preschool, less than two miles to work, less than a tenth of a mile to Lowes, 1/2 mile to Home Depot, separate dining room and living room, hardwood floors throughout. And the nearest bar is only about a mile away. Perfect stumbling distance.
Well within our price range, and priced to sell, so resale won't be too hard. The catch? We can't move in until closing, so we either stay in the hotel until the 5th of June (the fastest that the glacially lethargic USAA can move to close a loan) and watch the chinchillas get more and more wound up, without a place to vent their energy.
Fully intent on saving our marriage, and not throttling our childrens every 10 minutes, we decided to take up my sister on her offer to come and visit, way the hell down in North Carolina. Hey, a 10-hour drive is a hell of a lot better than a go-zillion dollar hotel bill, strangled kids, a pending divorce, and picking your nose waiting to close on a house. If only we'd remembered to pack all of my pain meds...
Yep, the drugs are all still in storage in PA, and we ain't. Looks like I'm either going to the ER, going to suffer, getting clean, or going home. Not sure which, but cold turkey does tend to suck, driving back to PA while being cold turkey sucks even more, and explaining all of this to an army doctor at Fort Bragg, although painful in its own right, is certainly the least painful of my options. Just have to ride it out until I can get seen in the ER, get the doc to understand my plight, write the prescriptions, and then get the scripts filled.

Stay tuned for more, we just got the house paperwork in the mail.


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