Monday, May 29, 2006

Odyssey, part IV

Of we go...

Me and the Mrs. are headed back to PA today. We're abandoning the kids here in NC (actually, they're in my mom and sister's more than capable hands.) Mom'll bring them up to PA after we close on the house and get our stuff unpacked.

Now this is Carren typing... the torch was temporarily passed to me so Chuck could, well.... nevermind. Yes, we are on our way back to PA today. I'm not sure what to do w/o kids to haggle and argue with. I guess Chuck and I will have to pick at each other more than usual to make it feel like we have the kids :) I ventured to my dad's over the weekend... WITH kids... WITHOUT husband. Crazy??? You could say that. My dad lives about 3 1/2 hours north of Fayetteville (when you add in potty stops and kids wandering about the places we stop, it feels like an all day adventure!). It was great to see my dad and my stepmother had not ever met Adelle and had not seen Creighton since he was about 15 months old. It was a good trip in theory, but the time on the road left me exhausted and I passed the buck (i.e. the kids) off to Chuck so I could take a nap when I got home! Okay, Chuck's back... I gotta finish getting our stuff together so we can hit the road!

I start work on the 1th, close on the house and receive household goods on the 5th, and unpack from the 5th until the time we move again. Somewhere in there we'll have to spring the cats from kitty prison, and let them cozy up to the new house (prefferably sans kids, so they get some idea of where to hide before the children begin chasing and tormenting them. (Okay, me too.)

So we'll be back home in about 10 hours, if'n we ever manage to get packed up and pull pitch out of North by god Carolina. Coming back down here has made me remember all the things I loved and hated about the South.
Loved: Sweet tea, Warm evenings, sun
Hate: Bugs, bird-sized skeeters, Oppressive heat and humidity, Pine trees that shit pollen and sap all over the place, sand everywhere

Of course, the sweet tea counts for a lot...


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