Monday, May 01, 2006


Si Se Puede! Yes we can!

Can what? Not come to work? Hell, I can do that.
If I were a business owner, whether a mom and pop 5 employee business, or a fortune 100 company, and people just decided not to come to work today, they'd find pink slips and final paychecks on their desks, along with all their crap in a box, and a security guard escort waiting for them in the morning. You don't wanna come to work, fine. Just don't expect to be welcomed back with open arms when you do decide to come back to work.

Estimates range in the neighborhood of 100,000 to 200,000 people protested today, nationwide. (According to the local news here.) That means this was a complete failure, as far as protests go. Of an estimated 12 million, thats only .016% of the illegal population. Add in the number of legal immigrants, and the number becomes so small as to be completely insignificant. Employers whose employees decided to scamper off and protest today should've had human resources running down their immigration info, and if found lacking, report them to INS. Then take a field trip to every unemployment line in the area, and hire replacements on the spot. You may not get the same qualifications, but they'd show up for work.

Next topic: for those wishing to protesting this idiocy, please feel free to cut, paste, and send this letter to any business promoting their "Cinco de Mayo" celebration. (Personally, I don't understand what the big deal is about mayonaise, but you never know with those crazy meheecans.)

(Insert Business address here)
Dear Sir or Ma'am:

I am dismayed that in a time when Americans are fighting a Global War on Terror, a war to secure our country and way of life from those who would readily subjugate us to their will and religeon through terrorism, your business chooses to publicly celebrate the independence day of Mexico. Mexico is a foreign country, one whose porous borders, corrupt government, and complete lack of respect for the sovreignity of our Nation openly encourages its citizens to illegally immigrate to America to take advantage of our educational, health, and social welfare programs. Furthermore, Mexico refuses to assist our country in the war on terror, either materially, politically, or through such simple means as controlling entry into their country by foreign nationals who are trying to enter the U.S.

Mexican protesters claim, and hold on to the belief that California, Arizona and New Mexico still belong to Mexico. These lands were ceded to the U.S. over 150 years ago at the conclusion of the Mexican-American war. Many Mexican immigrants feel that we have to speak their language to them when they immigrate here, instead of learning our language. Mexicans seek dual-medium schooling, which drives up the costs of educating our children dramatically, resulting in higher school taxes for all of our citizens.

I don't think it is right or proper to celebrate the independence of a foreign county who has been an enemy of the United States, who continues to encourage its citizens to break our laws, and who is outwardly hostile toward our government and our way of life. I would much rather that you put the funds you've set aside to advertise, promote, decorate, staff, and otherwise conduct this celebration, toward the celebration of our country's Independence day. If you've already resourced that as well, then please donate the funds you would've spent on the fifth of May to the USO, and place an advertisement in the local news stating how you and your organization support our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.

If you choose, however, to celebrate this foreign holiday, I will not patronize your establishment, on that day or any other day, ever again. I will encourage others to do likewise. Further, I will make other citizen's organizations from other nations aware of the fact that you celebrate Mexican holidays, but not holidays of the Italians, French, British, Germans, Greeks, etc. and claim (rightly so) that you are discriminating against them. It may not be the case, but you have the opportunity to set a precedent.

Please reconsider your choice to celebrate this holdiay.


Jose Citizen

Just a thought...


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