Thursday, June 22, 2006

A new Crusade

I don’t have much to say about the deaths of Thomas Tucker, Kristian Menchaca, and David Babineau. I could sit here and armchair general what shoulda/coulda/woulda happened, but I wasn’t there. So I’m not going to try. The simple fact of the matter is this: These men were killed in an ambush. An ambush that happened in a neighborhood. Do you think it possible that a group of men could plan, rehearse, set up, execute, and escape from an ambush with tow captives in your neighborhood without you noticing?

Does anyone think that the locals were completely unaware that this was going to happen?

I doubt it very much.

In my world, the local area (say, four by four city blocks) would be firebombed, leveled, buried, burned again, and the earth salted. Same thing for the area where the bodies were dropped. Attack without mercy, without warning, without quarter. Of course, that isn’t going to happen. Or maybe (just so the fucknuts at CodeStink) would get even more pissed off, we could execute (drown, behead, acid bath, whatever) some of the choir boys at GITMO. Maybe we could even execute some of our own Muslim criminals—the three-time-loser-never-going-to-get-out-death-row crowd. Let’s make it an easy ratio, say 50:1. For every one of ours you kill, 50 of yours go to hell. And yes, this is a war on Muslims. Save the Radical/Islamist/Islamofacist/Religion of Peace bullshit for your NAMBLA meetings. Iran Hostage Crisis? Muslims. Lebanon Barracks? Muslims. Khobar Towers? Muslims. 9/11? Muslims. USS Cole? Muslims. Nick Berg? Muslims. I don’t see many “radical” any other religion blowing shit up/beheading people/generally acting like global assholes (okay, North Korea too.)

Don’t get me wrong. I actually liked many of the Iraqi people that I met. But anyone who practices a religion that can be so easily perverted into martyrdom, terrorism, murder, and general disregard for human life is a threat. Either they don’t take their religion seriously (and hence, are bad muslims) or they take it too seriously, and become terrorists. It seems like they just don’t know how to find a balance.

So what we need is a crusade. A “convert to anything else” or die crusade. Hell, I don’t care if they become Jehovah’s Witnesses, Amish, Othodox Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Rastafarian, or Methodist. They need to be shown a different way of living, loving, and respecting others. This nonsense has to stop.

Rest in peace Brothers.


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