Wednesday, June 07, 2006


First off, when I go to a restaurant, I don't expect to have to prepare my own meals. I like tea sweetened, it should be brought that way. Adding sugar to tea is called cooking. The only exception to this rule is coffee, because I like it sweet enough to disolve the spoon, with just enough creamer to kill th acidity, but Suzi with the heart dotting the "i" can't seem to manage that and keeping her thumb outta the soup, so I'll do it myself. But making a pitcher of sweet tea should be done in the kitchen.

We're here, finally. We've received household goods, closed on the house, slept in our own bed. The cats are adjusting slowly, the kids are the only thing missing, and Carren and I both often comment to each other about their absence. It just doesn't sound like a home without them.

The movers did a good job of not breaking anything too important, except for my computer desk, a lamp, and a video cabinet. The Army'll eventually pony up and pay for it all, hopefully before I retire. I finally also got the damn widgets, gadgets, cables, and "now where in the hell does that go"'s connected, and spent 90 minutes with the tech support guy from vonage, but it's all working.

By the way, if you still have cable tv, toss it for directv. we saved about a zillion dollars on installation, set-up, and monthly costs, and got more for the $. Still stuck with the cable vultures for teh intraweb access, but I gotsta have the bandwidth. Additionally, I recommend any VOIP over the Bell's mostly because you get the same service with lots more "features" for a lot less dinero. Oh yeah, if you need tech support for anything, just call their number to repot a problem with billing, and they'll get you to a person post-haste. Then tell the person the real reason you called. Works nearly every time.

Okay, since I've been outta the net for a while, there's a few things people should know:
The Davinci code was a great book, and should be a decent movie. If you go to the library to find it, you'll notice it is in the fiction section. If you believe everything in that book is true, you should go back to casting spells with your wiccan friends after re-enacting fight scenes from other really true books and movies, like the Harry Potter series and Lord of the Rings trilogy. Honestly, the Catholics have enough problems, what with a new priest getting brought up on diddling charges every week, without boobs reading semi-historical fiction and drinking it in like water from the gosphel fountain.
Why aren't more churches upset about the omen movie than they are about the davinci code, anyway? At the very least, they could be pissed because hollyweird and the rest of the left coast hasn't had an original thought for a movie since the first Star-Wars movie, which is really the fourth one, which proves that Lucas can't count.
Flag day is soon upon us. It coincides with bastille day; you'd think the frogs would have the decency to... oh, hell, nevermind.

Gotta go to bed. I'm starting work in the morning.


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