Tuesday, June 13, 2006

VALOUR-IT is (again) in need of $

Okay folks, read this in it's entirety (I stole it from Da Goddess, and no, I'm not talking about myself in the first person--she is.) Once you've read it, email it to every person, place, and thing you can find an address for. Be sure to include your elected reps(local, state, and federal), ask them to push for $ from the gummint for it (hell if they're going to spend our money anyway, it may as well be for VALOUR-IT than for healthcare for illegals. Try to link whore and cross post it as much as possible. And, as always, you can remind people that they can get something in return: Any item from


automaticlly donates all profits from the sale to the project.

Update on Project Valour IT by Da Goddess

Imagine not being able to log onto your computer and check your email, read the news, or catch up on the latest photos of your children or other family. You want to, but your hands and arms, for whatever reason, aren't available to you.
Or maybe you can't see. Good Lord, you can't see anything or use your arms! Imagine being far away from friends and family and feeling completely isolated while you lie in a hospital bed, scared. For less than $700, a wounded soldier, airman, sailor, or Marine can reconnect with loved ones, erasing the miles and much of the fear that comes with being alone while fighting to recover from severe injuries that have robbed you of your independence.

Project Valour IT makes this all possible. Or rather, Valour IT
and YOU make this possible.

Dell C610 laptop computer
P3 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB HD, WiFi, DVD-R/W, Windows XP, MS Office) $625
Voice Activated Software with Headset No Cost
TOTAL per laptop (incl. shipping, est. $35): $660.00
Less than $700 to give our wounded warriors a little independence and the gift of communication.

Amazing, isn't it?

Captain Chuck Ziegenfuss has been there. He experienced the benefits of voice activated technology as he recovered from injuries sustained in Iraq. Sergeant Elijah Allen knows how wonderful a gift these computers are, too. These men represent almost 500 others who know the power of communication as distributed by Project Valour IT and the generosity of folks like you.
I wish I had money to buy someone a computer straight out, but I'm working on a loaner myself. When I think of the independence and opportunities I have with this laptop, I can only imagine how much worse it is for someone who can't access the keyboard or see what's on the screen. Too many hours spent lying alone with no means of communication is lonely and depressing and frustrating. I would be nowhere without my borrowed laptop on days when I'm immobile. Weeks, months, and years would be completely unbearable.

If you can donate a dollar or two, that brings someone in need one
step closer to independent communication. It's such an easy thing to do. So very easy. As easy as clicking on a link such as this one.



UPDATE: If you buy it and send it to me, I'll autograph it! (And might even return it!)

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